Sports Performer

SP Viewer

Images For a fraction of the price of a full Sports Performer licence, the SP Viewer can be installed on networked computers allowing your players to log in and view all tags associated to them.
The viewer is a mirror of the Analysis window within Sports Performer with all the features such as:
  • Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Step Forward/Step Back and Pause
  • Frame-by-frame movement
  • Full Screen mode
  • Sorting of tags by Position, Player and Statistic
  • Build a movie file
  • Display all games the player has taken part

Individual SP Viewer licences are used in conjunction with Sports Performer can make a significant difference in the quality of feedback that you pass back to your players.

The current SP Viewer Release is 4.8.29. Dated 12 February 2018
A full version of the SP Viewer application can be downloaded from:
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New Users can use this setup routine to load the software and run it for an evaluation period of 30 days. Existing Licenced Users can use this setup routine to upgrade their application.

Outright Purchase
$250 AUD
Sports Performer uses PayPal for their online transactions.
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You can pay online, even without a PayPal account. Your purchase is all handled electronically. You are purchasing an electronic code to enable continued use of the software