Sports Performer

SP Player

Images SP Player is a FREE Sports Performer product.

Any video file produced through the other Sports Performer products can be played in the SP Player.
Have your players download and install this product, then send them the files you have built in the other applications.
The Player window is a mirror of the Analysis window within Sports Performer with all the features such as:
  • Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Step Forward/Step Back and Pause
  • Frame-by-frame movement
  • Full Screen mode
  • Sorting of tags by Position, Player and Statistic

The current SP Player Release is 4.8.30. Dated 20 March 2018
A full version of the SP Player application can be downloaded from:
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Installation instructions are contained in the document Installation.pdf (870 KBytes)

Recent SP Player Enhancements

  • Initial Release.