Sports Performer

SP Junior

Images SP Junior is the FREE Sports Performer product.

It includes similar functionality to the Elite product and can simply be upgraded to other Sports Performer products in the future without any loss of your historical data.

Features include:
  • Single game analysis
  • User-defined statistics mean that you are not restricted by the names or number of statistics in the system. You may for example, set up statistics that mean nothing to people not associated with your squad.
  • Games can be tagged either by mouse-clicking on the relevant player and statistic combination OR by utilizing hotkeys on the keyboard.
  • Watch the game in slow motion to allow better and more efficient tagging.
  • Retrace option tells the video file to behave how you want it to during the tagging process. No need to pause the video file playback to catch-up with tagging.
  • Pause option allows users to finalise tags prior to the tag being registered.
  • Allows pause and frame-by-frame movement of video file.
  • Video file can be run in reverse at slow, normal or fast speed.
  • Forward or back the video file in user-definable steps. A simple click of a button will result in the video stepping forward 20 seconds or stepping back the same increment. Useful when play is stop-start or to quickly get to a particular point in the video.
  • Review events by player or statistic. Show the events one after the other with full video-type controls.

The current SP Junior Release is 4.8.29. Dated 12 February 2018
A full version of the SP Junior application can be downloaded from:
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Installation instructions are contained in the document Installation.pdf (870 KBytes)

Recent SP Junior Enhancements

  • Initial Release.