Sports Performer

Sports Performer

Images Sports Performer contains the full functionality of the applications including live capture, historical collection of tags, voice recognition tagging, analysis and movie making. This is the product that professional clubs are choosing for their video analysis.
Features include:
  • Cut and Build video video types including avi, mpg, wmv, mp4
  • Superimpose text over the video during build
  • Attach multiple video files to a game enabling sequencial play and elimiating the need to join video files
  • Tag-in-Tag functionality makes it easy to tag individual events inside a team event
  • Multiple game clip entry allows additional angle views for analysis.
  • Allow entire squad of players to be stored on file. Details such as name and contact details, date-of-birth and even a picture of the player. Set them up in groups to allow easier access.
  • User-defined statistics mean that you are not restricted by the names or number of statistics in the system. You may for example, set up statistics that mean nothing to people not associated with your squad.
  • Quality can be assigned to statistics thus allowing the user to distinguish between for example a dominant tackle and a tackle assist.
  • Record the play number that a particular event occurred.
  • Games can be tagged either by mouse-clicking on the relevant player and statistic combination OR by utilizing hotkeys on the keyboard.
  • Watch the game in slow motion to allow better and more efficient tagging.
  • Specify lag-seconds allowing for slower users tagging the events.
  • Retrace option tells the video file to behave how you want it to during the tagging process. No need to pause the video file playback to catch-up with tagging.
  • Pause option allows users to finalise tags prior to the tag being registered.
  • Allows pause and frame-by-frame movement of video file.
  • Video file can be run in reverse at slow, normal or fast speed.
  • Forward or back the video file in user-definable steps. A simple click of a button will result in the video stepping forward 20 seconds or stepping back the same increment. Useful when play is stop-start or to quickly get to a particular point in the video.
  • Record the zone on the field that an event took place. This could be perhaps in meters or in zones like a red zone, green zone etc.
  • Synchronize facility allows multiple tags to be displayed onscreen simultaneously for review.
  • Review events by game, player, statistic or competition. Show the events one after the other with full video-type controls.
  • Build a movie file of events for distribution to players, supporters, sponsors or management. The file runs on most new DVD players with VCD capabilities.
  • Store information on players, statistics, games, referees, grounds.
  • Password enabled to restrict access to the system.
  • User-definable reports and forms allow unlimited access to data within the database.
  • Store notes about a players game.
  • Display syncronised clips side-by-side to identify and rectify specifics between good and bad plays.
  • Store your own user-definable data on players and games such as completion rates, half-time score etc etc.
  • Build up a edit-type movie from your video clips, eliminating the need for tape-to-tape video production of a highlights tape.
  • Setup individual passworded logins to the SP Viewer for each of your players and tailor the tags that the player has access to viewing.
  • Record the position that individuals played in each game and allows you to return alaysis data by position.
  • Allows multiple pass tagging meaning that additional tags can be overlayed on a previous pass without confusion during the tagging process.
  • Store attachments against any game, player or statistic.

The current Sports Performer Release is 4.8.29. Dated 12 February 2018.

A full version of the Sports Performer application can be downloaded from:
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Installation instructions are contained in the document Installation.pdf (870 KBytes)

New Users can use this setup routine to load the software and run it for an evaluation period of 30 days.
Existing Licenced Users can use this setup routine to upgrade their application.

Recent Sports Performer Enhancements

  • Improvements to the BUILD engine.
  • Import/Export Analysis Tags
  • Manipulation of mutiple video files against a single game.
  • Analysis screen sorting.
  • Copy & Delete tags from the Analysis screen.
  • Allow build of slow-motion video output files.

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