Professional clubs and their coaches have been using computerised analysis systems for some years, but these systems have been expensive. Others have information supplied by analysis consultants, invariably either a lot of irrelevant or not specific details. And this method too is expensive.

Sports Performer overcomes both those hurdles.
Following transfer of your game from analog/digital video or DVD to the computer, the work of Sports Performer begins.

Simply 'tag' all occurrences of defined events as they take place on the video playback and Sports Performer builds these into a database to provide simple and efficient recall of all footage.

With this footage tagged, the operator is now dealing with visible facts and the built-in Analysis Viewer allows them to playback specific footage of what they feel is important. Now you can be objective about a game, a player's individual involvement or the team's overall performance. Whether it is tackles, hit-ups or passes, the coach is able to pinpoint the involvement of any player without the cumbersome video play/pause/rewind and physical recording methods of the past.

Sports Performer can be played through to a TV or data-projector for team meetings or filtered out to networked computers in a library or training facility to provide greater availability of footage to the players.
The software will assist in building performance and technique. A coach can isolate a player and review him on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. They are then able to produce movie files and burn them to CD or DVD providing ideal feedback for the players.

In the past, the cost of similar software has been too prohibitive to clubs and schools who were not in the professional bracket, but Sports Performer pricing now enables those studious coaches to have access to such a program.

Sports Performer has been developed for coaches worldwide. It is simple to operate and affordably priced.

As Sports Performer is totally user-definable, it is easily implemented to many sports such as Rugby League, Union, Australian Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, American Football and Baseball to name a few.
But it can also be utilized in any area that involves video performance assessment. Meaning it can be used on the training paddock, in the classroom or even to assess your opponent's performances as well.

Innovative coaches gain the edge with their in-depth knowledge of individual's body movements, their strengths and weaknesses, their style and of a team's patterns in both offence and defence.

Numerous coaches, clubs and schools within Australia, the UK, New Zealand and now Italy, South Africa and even Papua New Guinea are currently using Sports Performer. Click here for a full list of users.